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Perfectly Timed Pictures

Hi ACCA Candidates,

Results are round the corner. We can't change the past, but certainly we can on the future. Let us work insanely hard that we will achieve our potential in career, life, family and even true happiness.

This is tough issues in life, but lighten up. There is time for that when it comes. Have a bit of relaxation and fun. Ummm... I repeat "a bit".


The Hidden Costs - Big Mac, Facebook, Starbucks

A GREAT YEAR 2013, LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER - 2014 Exciting times await in 2014. Kasturi School of Accountancy has witnessed record number of ACCA graduates in 2013.


We are always proud and privileged to share in your success. Thank you for working so mind boggling industriousness, steely determination, military-like discipline and eagle-like focus on Graduation goal. 
You certainly deserve the BEST that the future can offer. 

Relevant : P1, P7 and Socially Responsible Students Examiner David Campbell's Article (extracts) on Social and Environment Costing 
"While accounting instruments already existed for reporting financial performance, there weren’t any for accounting for non-costable impacts, and it was this that gave rise to modern social and environmental accounting.

If, for example, a meat processor buys in beef and processes it for onward sale (eg as burgers), then the cost of the beef includes all of the identifiable costs incurred by the supply chain up …