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- relevant to aspiring hard working students
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Picture 1: Scholarship Cheque payable DIRECTLY to student

Picture 2: KASTURI's LECTURERS ACHIEVEMENTS. We produce top students, are you the next top student?

I remember once, when I was a student, one classmate sarcastically said that I worked (in study) so hard that I put both the Japanese salarymen and bees to shame. I took that positively as it means I am on right track to achieve ACCA SUCCESS. I was studying for the A-Levels course at that time. I wanted to be No.1 as the college offers CASH REWARDS which almost covers the tuition fees. Sadly, I got No.3 position out of 280 students. That wasn't good enough.

A deja vu, I thought maybe there are still students like this, so Kasturi College offers 50 scholarship awards to such students.

NO FREE LUNCH, not even lottery winners

Picture 3: Its not how much you win…


- relevant to ACCA under-graduates without a University Degree

I am pleased to share the joys with November, 2009 batch of Oxford Brookes Universtity research students who graduated. All have achieve and earned the degree - a 100% pass rate! What a joy and priviledge to work with such industrious students. Now they can lift their heads high and boast that they are now Square Head people since they qualified to wear the Square Hat.

At Kasturi College, its a no-frills college where we take you there - Graduate. For comparisons, Japan Airlines offer a flight in First Class destination route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing the price which is "10x" the price of what Air Asia offers! The well-to-do clients will opt for the former while I believe the mass wants the latter so long as :
- Air Asia has strictly adhered to its safety policies
- Air Asia has track record which it did in ferrying over 4 million passengers a year.

Similarly, at Kasturi College, we 'fly' you to your dest…