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Conglomerates : Governance and Strategic Issues

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Pic 01: Humble machine that destroyed Xerox?

I have the bitter-sweet experience having John Zinski, CEO of of Securities Industry Development Corp - the training and development arm of the Securities Commission, as my facilitator when I pursued my Master of Science postgraduate studies in Nottingham (U.K) University. We didn’t quite meet eye to eye on my research analysis on “Why Xerox failed?” My supposition was that its Board was short termistic in relations to EPS (Earnings Per Share) zealously cutting costs and outsourcing its primary activities.

Its strategic collaboration with Fuji (Japan) Limited saw the gradual loss of its core competencies pertaining to knowledge on developing low end photocopiers. Xerox didn’t mind that Fuji Limited was sending over 1,000 engineers to swarm all over its factories including the Research and Development division. …

Where did the RM40 Billion Public (Taxpayers) Funds Go?

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Pic 01: Corporate Governance Pillar

Birth of United Kingdom Corporate Governance
Sir Adrian Cadbury was concerned with the unfettered powers vested in Executive Directors. Indirectly referring to the Maxwell Scandal where the CEO was also Chairman and dominates the Board of Directors. The resulting effect was siphoning employees hard earned pension fund for his own benefit. A case of Agency Problem with insufficient safeguards. Hence the Cadbury Report requires the principles based compliance that Board is to ensure the independent monitoring of CEO by Chairman.

However, many companies pay lip-service in failing to appreciate the "spirit" of the Code. These Malaysian Companies and by extension the Malaysian governmental administration has many conflicts of interests.

Case Study
For instance, TA (M) Securities Berhad former CEO Datuk Tiah was convicted of corruption and imprisoned. He was barred from holding any executo…


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Pic 01 (left) : Tuition Provider offering added value ELC
Pic 02 (Right) : Express class like a modern, yet effective TGV train. Come aboard and enjoy our classes.

New semester has begun. Confident that all you ACCA candidates have good holiday, recuperative breaks last 2 weeks.

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