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Pic 1a & 1b: The most expensive vessel on earth

Pic 2: Malaysian Business bought Yatch for RM14.5billion?

In F8 (Audit & Assurance), we are taught to use Analytical Substantive Procedures. In simple definition means to compare 2 variables to arrive at a "PLAUSIBLE RELATIONSHIP".

To illustrate: recently there was allegation that a 29 year old Malaysian Businessman is so so rich that he could afford a RM$14.5 billion luxury yatch that was furnish interiorly with gold. That is simply difficult to phantom or understand. Simply impossible to be that expensive. (please see news on The Star papers below)

Most Expensive Vessel
The most expensive Ship ever built costs US$6.2 Billion or RM$18 billion. It is an American Warship cum Aircraft carrier which could take typically 75,000 tonnes extra load and has become the pinnacle of carrier development. It's powered by nuclear reactors and form the core of a fleet designed to operate far from home. Also has capabilities as "…

Local accountants attracted by foreign greener pastures

Relevant: F8 and ACCA Candidates

Picture 1: Invest now in myself - Brains
Picture 2: No distractions - Focus
Picture 3: My Future/Unknown Stakeholders - own family to have a better future? The destiny is in my hands

Why we need NOT join the Top 4 Audit firms? The conventional wisdon of joining them is to have Career exposure and better CV is the obvious answer. But what if you are paid 70% discounted salaries? Yes, if your market value is RM100,000 but paid RM30,000? Malaysia is losing talents fast - to other countries.

As always highlighted in class, get trained & be an ACCA graduate, then overseas posting is very attractive and promising. Think about how useful that kind of earning power can be for yourself, family and future unknown stakeholders - future spouse. kids and extended family like in-laws.

Be motivated to work and invest heavily in yourself, work 7-11 style if you are holding a full time job or 8 hours as a full time student.

May the article below give you ren…