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PART 2 of 2: The Opposite of George - Can you? (see video)

- relevant to serious and "I must pass ACCA" type of students only. 


What are the opposites that you can do to achieve your ACCA success? 
See such scenarios: 
A] Instead of taking 60 minutes lunch, why not pack lunch and consume it in 15 minutes so that you have 45 minutes of study. In a 5day work week, you would have studied 3 hours and 45 minutes.

B] Stuck in jam from 7.30 am to 8.30 am. Do the opposite. Leave for work at 6.30am. Arrive at 7am. Stay in office and study for 1.5 hours until 8.30am. 

C] Do you leave office at 7 pm and get into a long traffic haul? Well, since you started work on time, leave at 5pm - on time. Reach College library at 5.30pm. Put in solid 2 hours. Then leave at 7.30pm for dinner with family or solo. 

Just the above you put in 3 hours 15 minutes of study time. Equivalent of sitting for 1 full exam paper allotted time. Amazing, isn't it? Not to mention the weekends of study time you can clock in.That will be another 16 hour…

PART 1 of 2: The Opposite of George - Can you?

- relevant to serious and "I must pass ACCA" type of students only. 

"I want to pass the exams", says many. Look at my friends in fancy office attire and thousands of dollars in salaries. I want to have that!

Well, that is easier said than done. Why? Because living in modern metropolitan society, there are many, many distractions. More than you imagine and handle. For instance, think of the dreaded time consuming "M" activities that are more of distractions.  That leads to the destruction of hope to pass ACCA. These "M" activities are not bad in themselves. But they have the place albeit a small place in your life.

What are the "M" activities? see below

 MALLS - walking aimlessly about


Now, I am not saying, you should lock yourself in a room and just study. No, that is unreasonable for I know many of you have career and family responsibilities.

But what if make wise use of your time. Whatever your he…

Toughest Job

Toughest Job that no Chartered Accountants want! Hi ACCA Candidates,

I re-posted this blog. Why? I hear many a times that study is tough. Yet there are billions of people who have tougher jobs and don't complaint!

Truly exciting prospects you have when you graduate. Of course, you will choose a career that is promising. Not one that works you 365 days a year!

Will you choose this job? Follow the interviews on the video below and tell me what you think. You may not be qualified for the job though, as it requires Finance Degree, Social Science with excellent inter-personal skills and not to forget culinary skills.

Happy studying and sharpening exams techniques.

Best regards,

What does a lady mean when she says, "I am not free" ?

- related to F8, P1 and P7 

You invite a lady for dinner. What does she mean when she says, "I am busy"? Usually, you have to use your contextual judgment to note the tone of her voice. If she says politely with a smile, this usually means I am not interested to go out with you. In contrast, if the reply is with round sincere eyes and with warmth in her voice and a gaze, well this 'could' mean that she really is busy. 

But you have the advantage to read the body language in person. This is tough if applied to Corporate Governance context. Because Board issued announcement, thus you have no opportunity to read their body language.

On April 6th, 2016, Wintoni Berhad announced the entire Audit Committee and the Chief Financial Officer resign due to "personal reasons". Another Non-Executive Director earlier resigned due to "other Commitments". The entire board resigned? If 4 ladies tell you, I am busy, this is something to do with you, isn't it? Sim…