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Personal study time

Pic 01: *8* hours study? No time even for a haircut?
Dear ACCA/CAT candidates,

An opportunity for an honest self-evaluation. A poll survey is posted on top left corner. Without obligation, participate in the survey with probity ethics. How much time you put in studying and preparing for your exams? That, as a student, is your primary responsibility. Well, you can vote and see the overall results. Already, we know that ACCA is the most challenging but not impossible set of exams.

One purpose of this poll study is to send a personal reminder to students, are you doing your job - well? Time is fast running out as June 09 exams are fast approaching. As of today, you have 8 weeks left to study. If attempting 3 study subjects, you need to to deduct 3 weeks for Intensive Revision Classes which include review of notes done in them. That leaves 5 weeks or 35 days. This means on average, you have slightly over 11 days to completely study and finish the syllabus! Have you done all your Question Ban…


-relevant to Intensive Practice Session (IPS) P1 (ACCA).

From left to right:
Pic 01: Ryan Air Proud Fleet
Pic 02: Comfortable seats at an affordable price. A potent business model!
Pic 03: Serving Asian Cuisines in Europe? [read case study]

Dear P1 (IPS) students,
As you are aware that David Campbell has increased in his sophistication of examining you. Its imperative you know the underlying concepts while be sharp in deciphering the case study by offering 'real solutions'. Please attempt the question below. Answers will be given in our next class.
Happy trying,
Marcus Ong
Case Study: Ryan Airlines Background
Ryan Airlines emulated the success of Southwest Airlines (USA) Ltd by offering major price reductions for inter-city travels within European Union €. Ryan Airlines chose secondary and often old under-utilised airports to avoid high airport levy fees and congestions common in international airports. Since Ryan Airlines uses 55 Airbus of 147-seats aircrafts, it only needs short ru…

P1 Case Study: General Motors' Stakeholders - Powers at Play

-Relevant to ACCA P1 and P3.

Pic 01: Soon to be museum artefact.
Pic 02: Now that I am fired, I have the time the spend £19.5 million salaries earned (looted?) last 2 years. (Rick Wagoner, ex-CEO of GM)
1. Rick Wagoner, the chairman and chief executive of General Motors (GM) is to resign as part of an agreement with the White House to get more federal aid for the struggling carmaker. The Obama administration is believed to have asked Mr Wagoner, who has led GM since 2000, to give up his post.
2. GM has received £9.38 billion from the US Government and has asked for a further £11.65 billion but warned that even with that aid it may still reamined near to bankruptcy status if car sales do not pick up by early 2010. GM, which is the world’s second largest car company by unit sales, has made £101.88billion in losses in the past four years. If not for the US Government stepping forward with the loan, it would promptly collap…


-related to P3, some extend F7 & F9 and all Road users in Malaysia

From left to right:
Pic01 : Datuk Lin, MD of Gamuda Berhad which owns LDP, Kesas Highways;
Pic 02: Famous hanging bridge over Federal Highway, near to Motorola Factory
Pic 03: Next big idea? Toll road for pedestrian walk ways.

I. Global recession is here and scary. Everyone is concerned with their survival. Jobs are at stake. The government can do wonders in stimulating the economy by effectively making the Malaysian economy the best place to do business, at least in the South Asian region.

II. One way is to reduce the burdensome transportation costs. Already Malaysia has the second highest tax rates on cars in the world, after Singapore. But in Singapore, a car cost is equivalent to 2.5 years of average wage, whereas in the Boleh Land its 7 years! So that should makes us No.1 ranking, as in the most expensive car.

III. Below is the proposal of how to make our highways toll-free expecially beneficial to the ones where co…

RM60 Billion “stimulus” package: How the man-on-the-street will NOT feel it!

- relevant to P1, P5 and all Malaysians

1. On the outset, the government should be commended for doing something about the global recession crisis. The announced package is RM60 billion. However, it’s worth a closer look to see if it really benefits the rakyat, you and I.

2. Lets get to the details of RM60 billion. RM10billion allocated for investment fund over 2 years. From track record, Government Investment House – Khazanah, will continue pour good money over poorly managed GLC (Government Linked Companies) like Telekoms, Proton and Maybank who continue to make us squint at the failures such as overseas (costly) investment, selling out-dated car technology to us and extending risky loans that spikes NPL [Non Performing Loans], respectively. In effect a bail out of under-performing civil servants managing these GLCs.

3. That leaves RM50 billion. RM5billion are for guaranteed loans to SMEs provided (i) banks approve such loans in which in current credit crisis, laon approvals are very s…