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Sigghhh... Are men really stronger?

Pic 01: I may not be as pretty as before, but I am still alive... hee hee...

For a fact, men have more muscles, power and energy. Yes we can unscrew soy sauce bottles, carry heavy flower pots or hammering nails in. From that narrow perspective, men are indeed stronger.

But seen from longevity strength, we fall far behind. Lets compare the men and the fairer sex:

Pic 02: Women is the cause or costs to men's shorter lifespan?

1. Chinese women live the longest in Malaysia, with an average life expectancy of 79.8 years, said the Department of Statistics based on its 2010 records.

2. Indian women are in second place with (76.2 years),

3. Malay women (75.3 years),

as compared to men:

4. Chinese men (74.4 years),

5. Malay men (70.5 years) and

6. Indian men (68 years).

According to the 2010 statistics, in general, women in the country had a higher life expectancy at 77 years compared with men at 71.9 years - an improvement from the 74.7 years for women and 70 for men in 2000.

Could the longev…

DEC 2011 EXAMS & Olympus decaying "NIPPON" governance

-related to all ACCA candidates and P1 (GRE) candidates

Pics Clockwise from top:
(1) Fired CEO- the whistle blower of Olympus Corp (Japan)
(2) New CEO installed by powerful Japanese keiretsu insider dominated elite shareholders.
(3) "Hi, Sushi Ma-sen, Arigato gozaimas." : Its pretty on the outside, but rotten on the inside. - Errrr... the product or person?

Exams are round the corner. If only we can take that corner and not get cornered. Feeling stressed? All you ACCA candidates have done much and travelled far in doing mock exams, classes, tutorials and personal study. There are values in there. You are prepared in your own way for the exams. Don’t despair, if you feel stressed. All 185,000 ACCA affiliates and FCCA members have gone through what you are currently going through. All of us have done it and so can you!

Continue to practice questions and focused on exams techniques. There is very little time given ie 3 hours and 15 minutes for…

Spongebob Squarepants are bad for the brains

Pic: What?! No TV for me?!!

As has long a suspect, the television is indeed an idiot box. Research has shown in a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics says that cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants have a detrimental effect on 4-year-old kids. Researchers divided kids into three groups: one group of children watched Caillou, a slower-themed show on public television, the second group was given crayons and paper to draw with, while the third watched SpongeBob. Afterward, the group who watched the yellow square guy wasn’t able to follow rules as well or to delay gratification as easily. (Interestingly, the group of kids who watched Caillou and the group who drew pictures performed at pretty much the same level.)

Does this shock any us who were were once young kids? No surprise that four year olds are affected by the amped-up pacing and crazy antics of the characters.

The reason for this? The researchers concluded that fast-paced programs over-stimulate young kids’ brains. Watching these c…

USA 's Worsening Economy in Cartoon

- relevant to Working Students

Things are getting worse. American economy has gone from anaemic growth to comatose state. Depressing with cartoons that says it all. Asia cannot decouple itself from relying on USA Economy for its exports. Once China finish spending allocated US$300 billions, there is not much world demand left.

Expect unemployment and inflation to come - its called stagflation.

Enjoy the pictures, though.


Record Unemployment
Employment in the U.S. unexpectedly stagnated in August, increasing pressure on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and President Barack Obama to spur an economy that’s barely growing two years into the recovery.
Payrolls were unchanged, the weakest reading since September 2010, the Labor Department said today in Washington. The median forecast in a Bloomberg News survey called for a gain of 68,000. The figures included a 48,000 drop in the information ind…

Crisis: Women are marrying later or never

- relevant to all ACCA-Male candidates

Introduction : Men in Crisis with The flight from marriage

Asians are marrying later, and less, than in the past. This has profound implications for women, traditional family life and Asian politics
Conservatives in the West are fond of saying that the traditional family is the bedrock of society. That view is held even more widely in Asia. The family is the focus of Confucian ethics, which holds that a basic moral principle, xiushen (self-improvement), can be pursued only within the confines of the family. In an interview in 1994 Lee Kuan Yew, a former prime minister of Singapore, argued that after thousands of years of dynastic upheaval, the family is the only institution left to sustain Chinese culture. It embodies a set of virtues—“learning and scholarship and hard work and thrift and deferment of present enjoyment for future gain”—which, he said, underpins Asia’s economic success. He feared that the collapse of the family, if it ever happened…

FREE PREVIEW : ACCA-Oxford Brookes University Degree

Dear Candidates,

Thank you for the encouraging response and queries on the University Degree awarded by UK based Oxford Brookes.

I will be happy to answer your queries. Kindly register your name with the your choice location of either KL or PJ College Campus.

Best Regards.


Pic 1a & 1b: The most expensive vessel on earth

Pic 2: Malaysian Business bought Yatch for RM14.5billion?

In F8 (Audit & Assurance), we are taught to use Analytical Substantive Procedures. In simple definition means to compare 2 variables to arrive at a "PLAUSIBLE RELATIONSHIP".

To illustrate: recently there was allegation that a 29 year old Malaysian Businessman is so so rich that he could afford a RM$14.5 billion luxury yatch that was furnish interiorly with gold. That is simply difficult to phantom or understand. Simply impossible to be that expensive. (please see news on The Star papers below)

Most Expensive Vessel
The most expensive Ship ever built costs US$6.2 Billion or RM$18 billion. It is an American Warship cum Aircraft carrier which could take typically 75,000 tonnes extra load and has become the pinnacle of carrier development. It's powered by nuclear reactors and form the core of a fleet designed to operate far from home. Also has capabilities as "…

Local accountants attracted by foreign greener pastures

Relevant: F8 and ACCA Candidates

Picture 1: Invest now in myself - Brains
Picture 2: No distractions - Focus
Picture 3: My Future/Unknown Stakeholders - own family to have a better future? The destiny is in my hands

Why we need NOT join the Top 4 Audit firms? The conventional wisdon of joining them is to have Career exposure and better CV is the obvious answer. But what if you are paid 70% discounted salaries? Yes, if your market value is RM100,000 but paid RM30,000? Malaysia is losing talents fast - to other countries.

As always highlighted in class, get trained & be an ACCA graduate, then overseas posting is very attractive and promising. Think about how useful that kind of earning power can be for yourself, family and future unknown stakeholders - future spouse. kids and extended family like in-laws.

Be motivated to work and invest heavily in yourself, work 7-11 style if you are holding a full time job or 8 hours as a full time student.

May the article below give you ren…

P3 BA :Concepts & Case Studies Applications (C&C)

Dear ACCA Candidates,

I notice significant minority have P3 background knowledge but are somewhat frustrated that they are unable to articulate their answers in exams. C&C launched in Kasturi School of Accountancy (KSA) in PJ Campus is specifically designed to bridge that gap.

C&C are suitable for:

1. Re-sit students who are want to improve Exam Techniques
2. Existing P3 Students who want to practice on Q&A, in addition to PYQ.
3. Self-Study students benefits from the 2 Progress Tests marked by lecturer.
4. Full time students who want C&C to complement their existing P3 classes
5. Students with P3 knowledge background but unsure as to how to relate to case study applications.

Advantages of C&C:
1. Lecturer will use newly developed case studies questions in addition to PYQ
2. Highlight students weaknesses related to P3.
3. TWO progress tests are given and marked by lecturer personally.
4. Effective in focusing on exam techniques while economize on Lecture sessions.
5. Six Day…

F8AB : Answers for IRC May, 2011

Dear F8 AB Candidates,

I have received encouraging feedback that students were able to sharpen exam skills during the Intensive Revision Class in KL. Please scrutinise answers on "Purpose of Procedures" which is in your Revision Pack page 103.

Work HarDER


Audit procedures – books
Normal Books sales can be determined by Selling price. OBTAIN the Selling price from 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the year end based on INVOICES or RECEIPTS sent to customers

Purpose of Procedures
Valuation Assertions that if stocks are marketable at prevailing selling price that is higher or lower than costs.

SLOW Moving Books-stock selling price can be determined by COMPARING the discounts given for OTHER similar slow moving stocks.

Purpose of Procedures
Valuation Assertions that stocks are marketable

OBTAIN detailed direct costing like labour, unit costs per book…

Big 4: Touche Delloite Seminar

Pic (Left to right): Corporate Office in Damansara Uptown, Men (talented) in charge, World renown brand

- only relevant to all interested in Excellent Career Opportunities

Dear Kasturi ACCA Candidates,

Busy, busy you all should be. Revision is round the corner. Please take advantage of our 30 hours Intensive Revision Program commencing in May 2011:

Visit ""

B. BIG 4 Touche Deloitte Seminar
45,000 Professional Talents in America ALONE

Big 4 is usually sought after employment by fresh graduates. Kasturi is proud to bring them to you. Touche Deloitte is one of the premier and largest reputable firm in the world. See the excerpts below:

"In the United States, Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries have 45,000 professionals with a single focus: serving our clients and helping them solve their toughest problems. We work in four key business areas — audit, financial advisory, tax and consulting — but our real streng…


Move F.O.R.W.A.R.D


EXPRESS LEARNING CLASSES have already commenced in Kasturi School of Accountancy. KSA has launched new product with 5 additional classes and 30 hours revision classes, subject to individual lecturers' time table. Please visit the KSA web link at top left corner of blog. Let's move on the battle and press forward to progress. What is in the past cannot be undone. If passed or otherwise, well that is history. Focus for coming June 2011 exams.

Another of many e-mails received, attached for your MOTIVATION.

Your FUTURE is in your hands,

Marcus - Dedicated Lecturer.


Hi Mr. Marcus,

Thanks for the lecturing & revision class, i m able to pass in the 1st atttempt for F8 paper. And this allow me to come out from the shadow of failling in last 2 seating (4 paper failed).I will retake 3 papers that i failed in last 2 seating (F4, F6 & F7).

Thanks & regards…

ACCA Results : December 2010

NEVER SAY GIVE UP, I SAY, ONCE AGAIN, "NEVER GIVE UP!" (Winston Churchill, 1935, UK Prime Minister/LEADER during World War II)


Dear ACCA Candidates,

This is time where students are celebrating or otherwise. But we need to remember that a marathon runner may stumble and fall, the important goal is to complete the race - graduate.


Students, ALL of you can succeed! The following are a sample of students who worked hard and passed. These served as an encouragement to you. Be MOTIVATED! Invest in your future! Make your future - BEAUTIFUL, MEANINGFUL and WONDERFUL!

Wishing all of you work your VERY BEST for coming June 2011 exams!

Warmest regards,


Dear Mr. Marcus,

Thank you for all your guidance and dedications. I've pass…

Power of Facebook

- relevant to P1 Governance, Risks & Ethics

Power of Internet - Facebook that challenged powerful leaders (From Left to right)
Pic 01 : Libya's Leader Gaddafi facing uprising social unrest
Pic 02 : Egypt's leader Mubarak forced to resign after military powers backed the people's protest
Pic 03 : Phillipines late-Leader Ferdinand forced to flee to USA after people's march to his palace.

Perfect flow of information promotes market efficiency. Empowers users, customers and society to choose, vote and purchase goods and services. By extension, it applies to choosing large entities such as government.

In Phillipines, more than 1 million citizens poured on the streets to demand the resignation of the then corrupt dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Networked through SMS amongst people. Ferdinand stole over US$20billion and stashed away in Swiss Bank account. Years after his death, only then did the Swiss bank reluctantly refunded the ill gotten gains to the poor country.

Today we are…

Adjusting to Powerful Stakeholder

- relevant to P1 (Governance, Risks & Ethics)

Pic: Motorola (USA) investment in Penang, Malaysia

As lecturer, I keep abreast with the ongoings in politics, governance and business. As I always reiterate, I am politically un-affliated or don't endorse any parties. Just plain boring independent evaluator.

From P1 (GRE) Perspective:
What caugth my attention is a former USA Ambassador gave scathing remarks about racism in Malaysia. Accusing the leaders of worsening tensions within a multi-racial community. But to balance them up, it was refuted by Deputy Prime Minister whose remarks are also posted below. One needs to ask:

(I) What ethical threats did the former USA Ambassodor have? Was he evicted for falling out with government? Self Interests threat for being paid by Wall St News or to gain political mileage focusing on contentious issues outside USA? A way of deflecting attention away from himself the way USA Senator Al Gore did by calling Malaysia leaders as recalcitrant?
(II) Wha…