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Oxford Brookes - ACCA Intake for Aug/Sept 2014



10 Countries Where Women Are More Educated Than MenYep, it is official. Women being more disciplined, focused are outperforming men in tertiary education. In Substance, they have knowledge and in form, they have that too. Respect women for what they have achieved. Male chauvinists should stop thinking that women place is in kitchen.  More women joining the workforce, this means somebody has to stay in kitchen. If too relaxed, it could mean men as the home-maker while women as the bread winner status. ACCA RESULTSResults are out. Look, cry/laugh, and move to next step. Never Give Up! Many succeeded as ACCA Graduates but it comes with tears, lots of determination and time. Invest in your future and do your best. Women worldwide have done it, now that is a respectable example to imitate. 

The value of education is boundless and for many it grants the opportunity to have a fighting chance in the competitive and increasingly selective arena of the professional world. The rise in female …