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May The Force Be With You

Pic 01: "Biggest enemy is the enemy within. Do your Best!" (Obi Wan Kenobi of Clone Wars Season 1 series) Morale: Do what you can, not what you can't

Dear Hard working F8 Candidates,

I received numeorus requests such as:
1. what topics to spot?
2. to conduct lecture again catering to long technical questions
3. to resent answers scripts(?)

I note you are anxious over the coming exams. My best advise is at this advance stage of so close to the exam, concentrate on:

i) understanding exam language say distinguish between Audit Procedures & Assertions on Non Current Assets (Substantive tests & reasons) with Audit Assertions & Procedures on Purchases System (Substantive tests + Test of Controls & reasons)

ii) practice and review the IRC question bank, CBE I, CBE II & CBE III. Classes question bank Part 1 & Part 2. With time constraints, its a challenge to understand all theories, for its not necessary you can answer them. So, work backwards, to understand the…

Aggregated Immateriality is Material - F8's ISA 320

Pic 1: What, prices have gone up? How can??
Pic 2: I want to tell mommy!

Dear Hard Working Candidates,

I am pleased to have send out all the marked scripts on Dec 01, 2010. But I was shocked to be advised by Letter Man the mail is 80 sen stamp. Wah Lau!(Singaporean slang) That is is more than 180% increase from last time. And its not 60sen stamp as many told me. May be small to you, but its aggregated Immateriality, it's material! (ISA 320 of F8) There goes my lunch money for weeks.

Pic 03: Now say this 3 times, "I am the most hard working baby in class." There, it's not so hard, is it?

Well, its for the better future for YOU! A good thing. I am happy to invest in you with my effort, expertise and time resources. I hope you invest more in yourself in time, sweat, determination, adrenaline than anyone.

Do your level BEST!
Marcus Ong - Lecturer with no lunch money