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New Links Loaded

Dear Candidates,

Many are confused between motion and progress. Best illustrated with a rocking horse.

Thus, to progress in forward motion, one must invest in intellectual knowledge and APPLY IT! Pointless for one to know that exercise coupled with nutrient supplements are essential to health but continues to be a couch potato (TV , Facebook addict). 

Please see hidden side bars, and note that ACCA Exams are always up to date with Financial and Corporate governance issues. Scandals on Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia or Occidental Petroleum are just a few mentioned and examined extensively as 50% case studies.

Thus, I have updated the financial links which include:

Financial Armegeddon news
Elite Finance Thinkers sponsored by George Soros (See pic below)

When bored, go to such links and update yourself with financial and business terms so that your answers sounds like one (even though you may not have the faintest idea) .

Avoid redundant activities include facing your book, crushi…

"It's the economy, stupid" (Bill Clinton, 1994)

- Neutral view on politics 
- Deep view on business networking

Dear Readers,

Ex-president of USA Bill Clinton has said the above caption. How did Malaysia's Prime Minister do in this regard? Well, he has been busy networking in business and obtain approved billions of investments including from China into the country. It works and resonates well with the people.