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The Value of Benchmarking

Relevant to F8, P1 & P3 Candidates

Pic 01: Boy... the Water Creature is big. Really?

Pic 02: Its not that big if you benchmark to a Sperm Whale. Look how many humans are standing on it.

When we take a report, take the source into consideration. Today the news reported that Ministry of International Trade trumpeted that FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) has increased over 400%. But could this be the big picture of macro success. Its comes from those who lacks independent and objectivity.

Impressive as a headline:

"UNCTAD Reports Impressive 409.7 Per Cent FDI Growth In Malaysia In 2010"

Well, shall we do a bit of benchmark with competing nations for FDI.

Year--------------------2010 (US$ billion)-------2009 (US$ billion)
Malaysia---------------- 7.0--------------------1.4
Hong Kong-------------- 62.6---------------------48.4

Localised English

A New Year 2011! What are we to expect? The wishful thought of good year. Unfortunately history tells us otherwise. If we Chart Year with disasters, using Simple Moving Average (P3 BA's New Syallbus), a disturbing rising trend. Factor in latest events and add more weightage to it with Exponential Smoothing effect, you will notice an escalation of disasters like Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis. Silent disasters such as 3 billion in world as hardcore poor and severely malnourished.

Wow! What a bleak year if we take statistical chart to estimate the future. The all time Bestseller Holy Bible calls the Critical Times Hard to deal with - The Last Days. (1 Timothy 3:1-5,13)

Take heart, there are blessings. Health, family with strong bonds, siblings and sheer determination are strong attributes to succeed. Don't despair, or Malaysian fighting spirit is "Never Say Die!" That's how it put us as Top 20 largest economies in the world. Home to most advance semi-conductors indu…