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Beijing Men : Handsome and Talented

- relevant to all ACCA undergraduates
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Pic 01: Beijing Finance District
Pic 02: Great Wall : Symbol of Chinese Culture that anything is possible!
Pic 03: Malaysia's very own brand in the most expensive district in Beijing

Unbelievable! My response. Beijing, the capital and political power hub of China is both rich with history and modern amenities. Its roads are straight, 5 lanes on one side, adorned with most facinating modern architectures. Passing the most expensive street, one can witness amazing mammoth buildings. Was told by locals that the rich and famous will shop in the most prestigious ginza - Parksons! Yes, locally listed albeit undervalued stocks in Malaysia.

Pic 04: Kasturi College's lecturers are proud to be associated with these hardworking students of China.

I have the priviledge to witness the award ceremony for Top Prize winners in China. Kasturi team of lecturers have done well. No, done superbly well! One student…

AUDIT REPORT 2008 : CB Industrial Product Holding Berhad

- RELEVANT TO F8 (AA), identifying the components of an AUdit Report.

Independent Auditors’ Report
to the Members of CB Industrial Product Holding Berhad

Report on the Financial Statements
We have audited the financial statements of CB Industrial Product Holding Berhad, which comprise the balance sheets as at 31
December 2008, and the income statements, statements of changes in equity and cash flow statements for the financial year
then ended, and a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory notes, as set out on pages 35 to 80.

Directors’ Responsibility for the Financial Statements
The directors of the Company are responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these financial statements in
accordance with Financial Reporting Standards and the Companies Act 1965 in Malaysia. This responsibility includes designing,
implementing and maintaining internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements that
are free from material miss…

European Flights crisis - An opportunity!

- related to CAT/ACCA undergraduates
- related to ACCA graduates upgrading to CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts)

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Pictures (from Left to right)
01: Volcanic eruption gives blur skies
02: This is the BEST relaxing holiday, ever
03: European Pilot: I have time off now, would you have dinner with me?
04: Air Asia Pilot: I can take you to greater heights.

LEPEST affects every firm and individual
Aeronautical industry is most vulnerable to LE PEST factors. Currently, Europe has to suspend flights due to ecological volcanic eruption and disruptions. Really, all firms and individuals are not immune to external threats which can be opportunities too.

For ACCA, CAT and CFA students, there is a threat of ever increasing tuition fees, but this could also be an opportunity! How?

As to common knowledge (I hope) Kasturi College in both PJ and KL charges a fee which is substantially LOWER than other tuition providers - a whopping 50%. (For Location please visit :

ACCA is so tough. Really?

- related to all ACCA & CAT candidates
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Pic 01 & 02: Koreans won international admiration both in drama and corporate success. Its human nature to admire the successful.

Oh...ACCA studies are so difficult. I nearly (but don't please) want to give up. What is the problem here is not so much as difficult and (very true) tricky exam questions such as seen in F8 (Audit & Assurance). But the greatest enemy is really "SELF". You are your own worse enemy.

Korean History
Humans are capable of marvellous achievements. Think of it, Korea as an entire country obliterated by war. Splitting the country into North and South Korea in 1950's. Lives of loved ones lost, wealth destroyed, families permanently separated by political boundaries. In fact South Korea was POORER than Malaysia in 1970!

Pic 03: New Korean threat to Japanese automakers. Will you be to your r…

TWO Ladies millionaires looking for Husbands


Two millionaires take out ads looking for Singapore husbands

- relevant to all Male ACCA Candidates
Left to right:
Pic 1 : Bye Honey. Bring home the bacon, OK?
Pic 2 : How do you like my new outfit, honey?
Pic 3 : High job satisafaction. Keep home HIN1-free. Oh... she will be so pleased (smiles)

This is a reality - women are talented, intelligent and dominating the world of Finance and business. If the trend continues, LADIES ACCA GRADUATES will be the majority, then they control finances and indirectly family matters especially cashflow, budgeting, KPI set for husbands. Look at the report below. Now women are "buying" husband.

Well. to all MALE ACCA under-graduates, you are offered TWO options:

Option A : I will graduate and build career/business and be successful or more than ladies. I should control my own destiny.

Option B: Marry one! Be a house-husband - good dedicated, apr…