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Pictures: Men with FUD Disease.

-relevant to all who wants to take control of their lives, achieve their ambitions and succeed

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One do well to ask:
"If I don't graduate as ACCA Affliate - Will my current/future boss continue to exploit me for cheap labour and overwork me? Will younger chaps armed with overseas degree leapfrogged me on promotions? Will I accept the fact I am not realising my fullest potential? Can I provide best materially for my love ones - parents, spouse, kids and all."

Only the Paranoid Survives
The previous paper to P3 (BA), Paper 3.5, I gave a lecture about INTEL's boss Andrew Grove's ground breaking article that "Only the Paranoid Survives". Research shows that the Top 1000 largest companies at the beginning of 20th Century has all but lived less than a human lifespan. To be exact, …


- relevant to P3 (BA)

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When parents face financial distress, rarely they will consider selling their children. But in the commercial world, parent company will not hesistate as seen in Ford selling off its crown jewel (Goold & Campbell framework).

Volvo has rock solid reputation for safety and mid-range luxury appeal. The successful launch of MPVs and SUVs model further enhanced the potential. Its parent, Ford, faced with sudden sharp drop in demand back in USA forced it to restructure ie par down debts and capacity.

Why Malaysian automakers not buying?
In Malaysia, that infamous outdated technology car maker Proton which dominates the local market with 32% or so market share selling 143,000 units last year, surprisingly has not express interest to bid for Volvo. Why not buy? If funding is an issue, really taking a closer look,…


This is my third year blogging with excess of 100 articles. Lots of fun.

I thought why not state my BLOG'S OBJECTIVES? So here goes:
1. To improve candidates' maturity level in understanding ACCA subjects especially at high level

2. To improve candidates' exam practice techniques

3. To encourage and motivate ACCA students in their quests to achieve ACCA Certificate - ie GRADUATE

4. To profit all readers. Useful Stock Market tips, analysis were given. For example, if you take the investment analysis dated August 6, 2008, after less than 20 months, the stock - TSM Global shares shot up by 96.8%. That outperformed the KLCI by >80%. The same period, the KLCI was at 1114 and now was at 1,286 (3 MARCH, 2010) In other words if you [dare] sell your car for say RM10,000 and invest in this stock, you will earn RM19,685.00 before Stock Commission charge.

Now, the extra money is enough to pay for the entire Kasturi Tuition fees for ACCA!!

5. Have humour as Reader's Digest…