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WORLD'S TOP 10 FINANCIAL CENTRES - Opportunities for you

Dear ACCA Candidates,

The crossroads are here again. With Results now out, there are mixture of happiness, distress or even relief. ACCA is tough, but ACCA students are tougher! I feel honoured and proud to be working hard together with students. These are high quality people because they face challenges and overcome them. To balance secular work and to study part time requires amazing determination, discipline and energy. 
A famous statistic is 85% of ACCA graduates passed but not on the 1st attempt on every paper. In other words, a majority of 170,000 graduates worldwide or 144,500 graduates went through tough times and succeeded! To find out examination styles, use of technical answers and manage in tight exam time requires both experienced lecturers to show the way and sheer practice on the part of candidates.
To pass ACCA exams and working full time simultaneously is something to be highly commended. An achievement! As this is the case for majority of our students being working cla…

Tau Foo Fah Man: Investing Now for Better Tomorrow

Somehow, Petronas Berhad knows how to touch the core culture of Hardworking Chinese. Yes, Chinese who struggle, going through thick and thin together and seeing the fruits of their labour in later years.

I find this video very encouraging and motivating. I wish that ALL students be re-invigorated and propelled to invest now in their studies for a better future! A Tau Foo Fah man in the past is akin to an ACCA candidate studying very hard for his/her future and existing family (or family to come).

Lecturers wish that you ALL pass and have a fantastic career and balanced with Happy Family Life.

Best Regards.