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Sigghhh... Are men really stronger?

Pic 01: I may not be as pretty as before, but I am still alive... hee hee...

For a fact, men have more muscles, power and energy. Yes we can unscrew soy sauce bottles, carry heavy flower pots or hammering nails in. From that narrow perspective, men are indeed stronger.

But seen from longevity strength, we fall far behind. Lets compare the men and the fairer sex:

Pic 02: Women is the cause or costs to men's shorter lifespan?

1. Chinese women live the longest in Malaysia, with an average life expectancy of 79.8 years, said the Department of Statistics based on its 2010 records.

2. Indian women are in second place with (76.2 years),

3. Malay women (75.3 years),

as compared to men:

4. Chinese men (74.4 years),

5. Malay men (70.5 years) and

6. Indian men (68 years).

According to the 2010 statistics, in general, women in the country had a higher life expectancy at 77 years compared with men at 71.9 years - an improvement from the 74.7 years for women and 70 for men in 2000.

Could the longev…

DEC 2011 EXAMS & Olympus decaying "NIPPON" governance

-related to all ACCA candidates and P1 (GRE) candidates

Pics Clockwise from top:
(1) Fired CEO- the whistle blower of Olympus Corp (Japan)
(2) New CEO installed by powerful Japanese keiretsu insider dominated elite shareholders.
(3) "Hi, Sushi Ma-sen, Arigato gozaimas." : Its pretty on the outside, but rotten on the inside. - Errrr... the product or person?

Exams are round the corner. If only we can take that corner and not get cornered. Feeling stressed? All you ACCA candidates have done much and travelled far in doing mock exams, classes, tutorials and personal study. There are values in there. You are prepared in your own way for the exams. Don’t despair, if you feel stressed. All 185,000 ACCA affiliates and FCCA members have gone through what you are currently going through. All of us have done it and so can you!

Continue to practice questions and focused on exams techniques. There is very little time given ie 3 hours and 15 minutes for…