"I am not a salesperson." Really?

- related to working professionals who are in a hurry to increase their income. 

In my earlier article (CLICK HERE) , I mention the importance to strategically position yourself to opportunistically generate more income including passive income.

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Why should I be a salesperson? Too many Chartered Accountants are inward company focused. This is high risk approach as they are not increasing their personal value to company and not increasing their own income. HUGE MISTAKE!

However, many will say the above title . Let me debunk this myth and show you that you are truly expert salesperson.

Common objection- “I am not a salesperson!”

This is an objection I can personally relate to, as I have never been in sales. Yet, I personally witnessed many professionals and ordinary people become top sales people because of ONE Quality. It is the same quality that you practice everyday, unknowingly.

Pic 01: Are you a sales…

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Over 60% of Chartered Accountants ventured into businesses either as CEO or self-employed. Why? Because for the same amount of time you put in as a 9-5 job, you earned much more.