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Apple - The Forbidden Fruit

Dear ACCA Candidates, 

Today, Apple has made headlines again as the most valuable company on earth. It shares has reached new peak of US$715.24 per share. The paradox is the smarter the phones get, the dumber its user becomes. Particularly the recreational users who are fascinated by games, freebies, videos and all. 

The richer Apple become, the poorer the human brains will be.  

I repeat earlier article- "I absolutely DON'T recommend students ogle over the new IPhone 5. Smart phones are for not so smart people. It distracts you with it many thumb-numbing games. No knowledge or skills are developed as a result.

Still, it didn't prevent Apple from getting a pre-order level of 2 million units.

REWARD yourself with IPhone 6 or 7 when you graduate, or get that other phone, I think its called Samseng Gaga phone. Now its not the time to focus on gadgets that distracts and destructs your chances of success in ACCA exams.

Always concerned Lecturer : Marcus

NEW YORK -- Apple's stoc…

Apple's CEO - A Poor Billionnaire

- Relevant to P1 (GRE) 

Note that Executive Directors' pay are crucial Corporate Governance Tool to align them to shareholders' expectations. The critical role that Remuneration Committee play also must not be overlooked. 
What was done in designing Apple's CEO pay is obviously to reduce the repeat of it collapsing. It did twice since its incorporation. 
Take a look at how the real world design Executives' pay. On a side note, the new IPhone 5 looks slimmer and more attractive design and content. I recommend you don't purchase it because precisely the point that its attractive design and has wonderful content. - Buy it after you graduate ACCA! By then could be IPhone+ISpecs 8. 

Apple’s new iPhone 5—set to be unveiled Wednesday, September 12, 2012 in San Francisco—will have a longer screen. It will have LTE technology for faster data downloads. And it will be packed with vitamins and nutrients to give you hours and hours of energy.��������������������������������…