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The World is fair, isn't it? Egg heads also known as Masculinity.

Exam tension is peaking. Here, take a break and enjoy the following reality of life (I think).

To understand women may be futile, but nature is fair. On the scale of dumbness, men by far, judging from history, is unsurpassed. We humbly admit it but hey, you still need us to take out the garbage, right?

From Left to right:
Man 01: I have the best haircut
Man 02: Man of steel, all brawns but little brains, I mean can't he call the police or something...??
Man 03: I can afford a $300 leather jacket but not a $7 haircut
Man 04: The fear IN all men - baldness, besides stupidity, insecurity, low IQ, dead broke, rejection, dullness ...
Man 05: Genius representation of what a MAN truly is.

Conclusion : Man ego-head is actually mis-spelled - suppose to be egg head.

Because I'm a Man - so say the egg-head man [are you one?]

Because I'm a man, when I lock my keys in the car I will fiddle with a wire clothes hanger and ignore your suggestions that we call a road service until long after hypothe…

Humourously serious

There is this man who dwell on an island in the middle of Pacific Ocean. He found a magic lamp and promptly rub it. Pop out a genie who grants him only one wish. After a quick thought, he said , "I have always wanted to travel to Spain but am afraid of heights, hence flights route is out of question. Genie, I want you to build a bridge to link from here to Spain, so I can just drive over." The genie responded in shock, "Do you know you are asking the impossible?! You know this structure requires so much materials like concrete, piling, cement and not to mention the technology to build across the ocean to withstand unpredictable weather! No. No. This is too difficult. You have to make another wish." The man thought for a while and then requested, "I can never understand woman. Genie, I wish you can make me understand woman." The genie paused and after a long serious thought replied, "Do you want a 2-lane or 4-lane highway?"


P3 Part time candidates : Progress Test I answers are released via e-mail.


Lecturer's comments: this is a very popular exam question. It pays to scrutinise every single detail and understand the application. Alan Lewin could easily make this a 12 mark question.


- CLASSIFICATION: Check the accounting policy for revenue recognition particularly in respect of software licences to ensure that it has been applied consistently and in accordance with accounting standards.
- COMPLETENESS: Obtain a breakdown of sales on a monthly basis and discuss significant fluctuations with management. Any explanations should be corroborated.
- OCCURRENCE: Perform tests of controls on controls over the processing of sales orders and invoicing. Sample sizes should reflect the increased risk.
- EXISTENCE: For a sample of sales transactions perform substantive procedures tracing the transaction from the initial order to the posting in the ledgers. The sample size would be affected by…


- relevant to 21st century living

Pic 01: "Oh Boy! I am so dead."

Last week has been a hectic and stressful filled activities with classes that last longer than baking a cake in an oven to last-minute cramping of facts in preparation of internal tests. The internal exams are both unnecessary and unfortunate to say the least as it has an attached condition that if you fail them, you face an over-hanging threat of expulsion from SunwayCollege. How can one be prepared for internal exams when its scheduled back to back with series of almost uninterrupted lectures?? Well, I am stressed too. The time table is something that I neither agree or can control nor decide. So I focused on remedial solutions namely how to cope with stress. The following are from a medical and scriptural advise which I believe you benefit if you apply them.

MEDICAL PERSPECTIVES (NON-DRUG prescriptive approach)
Pic 02 : Stress is toxic to your body, believe me, I was a student before.

Possible signs of stress