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F8 : Intensive Revision Class Starts on 18th November, 2010, 8.30am to 5.00p.m

Dear F8 Hardworking Candidates,

I want to give assurance that all of you matters in terms of maximising your success in exams especially F8 which is termed one of the most challenging paper. In this connection the Intensive Revision Class will be for period 18th - 21th and 26th November, 2010. This is to accommodate our Muslim brothers and sisters service on the public holiday, 17th November. Its neigbourhood ethical principle to respect the religious practice of our bethrens just as much as you would respect a Buddhist monk's vegetarian diet.

I am well aware that it means taking additional leave. But I hope you see this as an investment to your future. Many pay a fortune to attend seminars and training but you are pursuing a worthwhile ACCA qualification.

I thank you all for your maturity and understanding of the matter and promise will give you a highly constructive exam focused revision approach for F8. To share a motivating experience, there is a candidate who tried four ti…