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Top 10 Ways: How to Pass Exams?

- Warning: Do not try this at home, for the actors and participants below are either professionals or desperate last-minute people. Viewers are advised to use discretion, if they want to maintain sanity.

Desperate times, students take desperate measures. They will do anything to get that magical certificate, professional degree in ACCA. Well, its worth the investments. In fact, many take a progressive step in their career by obtaining a University BSc (Honours) degree with Oxford Brookes. Many Oxford Brookes-ACCA Degree Holders said their career and salaries have increased dramatically, between 20% to 80% upon qualification. No wonder, many want to pass the exams.

Exams are a time of great stress. Especially in East Asia, where the pressure is on to achieve sky-high results.Whatever the cultural differences, all students have their own rituals and superstitions, whether it is playing a lucky song, eating special food or even wearing a pair of lucky pants.
Here are some of the ways …

Hot Exam Topic: P3 (BA) - Supply Chain Management Restructuring

Note: Supply chain management, value chain, e-marketing are Examiner Steve Skidmore’s favourite examinable topics. You definitely want to focus on how to provide solutions for a specific case scenario. 
Special Note: Steve Skidmore is known for inserting "new knowledge" on Exam Answers, so you won't find the information below in your textbooks. 

What is Supply chain management?
Supply chain management involves the coordination of all supply activities of an organization from its suppliers and delivery of products to its customers.

Supply chain management includes not only supplier and buyer, but also the intermediaries such as the supplier’s suppliers and the customer’s customers.

To illustrate the Food Supply Chain, see the pictures below.