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Move F.O.R.W.A.R.D


EXPRESS LEARNING CLASSES have already commenced in Kasturi School of Accountancy. KSA has launched new product with 5 additional classes and 30 hours revision classes, subject to individual lecturers' time table. Please visit the KSA web link at top left corner of blog. Let's move on the battle and press forward to progress. What is in the past cannot be undone. If passed or otherwise, well that is history. Focus for coming June 2011 exams.

Another of many e-mails received, attached for your MOTIVATION.

Your FUTURE is in your hands,

Marcus - Dedicated Lecturer.


Hi Mr. Marcus,

Thanks for the lecturing & revision class, i m able to pass in the 1st atttempt for F8 paper. And this allow me to come out from the shadow of failling in last 2 seating (4 paper failed).I will retake 3 papers that i failed in last 2 seating (F4, F6 & F7).

Thanks & regards…

ACCA Results : December 2010

NEVER SAY GIVE UP, I SAY, ONCE AGAIN, "NEVER GIVE UP!" (Winston Churchill, 1935, UK Prime Minister/LEADER during World War II)


Dear ACCA Candidates,

This is time where students are celebrating or otherwise. But we need to remember that a marathon runner may stumble and fall, the important goal is to complete the race - graduate.


Students, ALL of you can succeed! The following are a sample of students who worked hard and passed. These served as an encouragement to you. Be MOTIVATED! Invest in your future! Make your future - BEAUTIFUL, MEANINGFUL and WONDERFUL!

Wishing all of you work your VERY BEST for coming June 2011 exams!

Warmest regards,


Dear Mr. Marcus,

Thank you for all your guidance and dedications. I've pass…

Power of Facebook

- relevant to P1 Governance, Risks & Ethics

Power of Internet - Facebook that challenged powerful leaders (From Left to right)
Pic 01 : Libya's Leader Gaddafi facing uprising social unrest
Pic 02 : Egypt's leader Mubarak forced to resign after military powers backed the people's protest
Pic 03 : Phillipines late-Leader Ferdinand forced to flee to USA after people's march to his palace.

Perfect flow of information promotes market efficiency. Empowers users, customers and society to choose, vote and purchase goods and services. By extension, it applies to choosing large entities such as government.

In Phillipines, more than 1 million citizens poured on the streets to demand the resignation of the then corrupt dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Networked through SMS amongst people. Ferdinand stole over US$20billion and stashed away in Swiss Bank account. Years after his death, only then did the Swiss bank reluctantly refunded the ill gotten gains to the poor country.

Today we are…

Adjusting to Powerful Stakeholder

- relevant to P1 (Governance, Risks & Ethics)

Pic: Motorola (USA) investment in Penang, Malaysia

As lecturer, I keep abreast with the ongoings in politics, governance and business. As I always reiterate, I am politically un-affliated or don't endorse any parties. Just plain boring independent evaluator.

From P1 (GRE) Perspective:
What caugth my attention is a former USA Ambassador gave scathing remarks about racism in Malaysia. Accusing the leaders of worsening tensions within a multi-racial community. But to balance them up, it was refuted by Deputy Prime Minister whose remarks are also posted below. One needs to ask:

(I) What ethical threats did the former USA Ambassodor have? Was he evicted for falling out with government? Self Interests threat for being paid by Wall St News or to gain political mileage focusing on contentious issues outside USA? A way of deflecting attention away from himself the way USA Senator Al Gore did by calling Malaysia leaders as recalcitrant?
(II) Wha…