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NEVER GIVE UP : Air Asia's Founder

CONGRATULATIONS TO SUCCESSFUL ACCAs! You earned it through Hard Work and Commitment.

As for others, Never Give Up! (Winston Churchill, U.K. Prime Minister 1940) British Prime Minister's famous quote who led Britain to victory in World War 2. At the beginning of war in 1939, Great Britain lost badly in a battle in Europe. More than 800,000 British soldiers were stranded facing the fast marching Nazi forces. These soldiers were running out of both food and ammunition. Yet the world took it for granted that Britain won the war, not realising how difficult or even hopeless the situation was in the beginning.

Are you, all ACCA Candidates, in similar position? The going was tough? Your exam results were not up to your expectations and powerful stakeholders (Parents! ) were increasing pressure?

Well don't give up. No! NEVER GIVE UP!

Many didn't know the renown Air Asia 's Founder Anthony F. Fernandes also struggled in ACCA studies. He finally graduate at almost age 30 years! …

Facebook : Poor revenues, Rich valuation

From left to right
Pic 01 : McDonalds is world largest and established franchise operations. Yet it's valued equal to Facebook.

Pic 02: Caterpillar Inc is world's largest equipment-construction manufacturer. Should it be lower valuation than Facebook? Its patents, plants, technology and engineering talents are worth less than Facebook's software?

Pic 03: The guy at the right place and the right time. Youngest billionaire - the ONLY one who hit it rich at age 17. Do you think there are others like him?

Facebook Inc., the social- networking website that in eight years changed the way the world communicates, filed to raise $5 billion in the largest Internet initial public offering on record.

Facebook doesn't need the IPO funding in view of its profitability and many willing private investors. Then why does it go for listing? Likely, it the war of talent, Facebook wants to lock in its 3,000 employee talents by issuing employee shares option exercisable in a future time. To im…