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P3 BA :Concepts & Case Studies Applications (C&C)

Dear ACCA Candidates,

I notice significant minority have P3 background knowledge but are somewhat frustrated that they are unable to articulate their answers in exams. C&C launched in Kasturi School of Accountancy (KSA) in PJ Campus is specifically designed to bridge that gap.

C&C are suitable for:

1. Re-sit students who are want to improve Exam Techniques
2. Existing P3 Students who want to practice on Q&A, in addition to PYQ.
3. Self-Study students benefits from the 2 Progress Tests marked by lecturer.
4. Full time students who want C&C to complement their existing P3 classes
5. Students with P3 knowledge background but unsure as to how to relate to case study applications.

Advantages of C&C:
1. Lecturer will use newly developed case studies questions in addition to PYQ
2. Highlight students weaknesses related to P3.
3. TWO progress tests are given and marked by lecturer personally.
4. Effective in focusing on exam techniques while economize on Lecture sessions.
5. Six Day…