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ACCA Graduation Ceremonies (5th October)

 - relevant to all ambitious ACCA candidates

Dear Hardworking ACCA candidates,

Exam results are out. Time to laugh/celebrate or to sob/regret is over. Time to move on and study really really hard. So hard that you put the Bees and Japanese men to shame.

I attended the Oxford Brookes University graduation held in Renaissance Hotel on 25th August. So pleased to see so many graduates coming from 16 countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Maritius and of course Malaysia.

Kasturi School of Accountancy wishes a HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to our newly minted University Graduates from UK Based Institution! WELL DONE! SO happy to share joy with you, your family and friends on this auspicious memorable occasion.

(See Pic 04) One Graduate student said, "Never give up in trying. Never be afraid to fail for it means you are afraid to try. Graduation marks the end of learning but a beginning to new learning in career."

IT was pleasing to meet the Oxford Broo…

Which is your favourite Picture?

Reader's digest said that Laughter is the Best Medicine. Yes, to de-stress from a regime of jamming ideas into our over-loaded grey matter.

Have a look! Tell me which is your favourite picture by putting your comments below the article.


How Malaysian Universities rank in Asia? (edited version)

- relevant to ALL ACCA P-Level students 
I am always impressed with our Malaysian students. They are so hard working, focused, disciplined and despite the work pressure they are still constantly looking to upgrade themselves in qualifications and job performance.

What is the ranking of  Malaysian Universities in the Top 30? Well read the article below. Is it there? I feel disappointed that Malaysian Universities don't push themselves in new research and collaborate with commercial sector to develop new technologies, discoveries and knowledge.

Hence, I feel short changed, that I study and study hard at that in a local university only to see its ranking and recognition slipped.

UP THE ANTE (to increase the quality)
Any ACCA Candidate competing for a private sector job with other Malaysian University Degree Holders can up the ante by having a UK Qualification. The latter is better. Yes, the audit industry such as PWC, …

Oxford Brookes University's Mentorship & New links for ACCA Students

Dear Students,

On new links, I have inserted "London News" and "UK Business News" for your reference. It is good to know the happenings in London as you are taking a UK Based exam.

Read widely related to your exam papers.

The link to Student-Accountant Magazine is also reset.

Enjoy taking in knowledge and gives you upper edge in exams.

All the best to upcoming ACCA Results.

Look out for my Oxford Brookes University Research-Mentorship programme coming soon. It should be launched on 17 August, 2013.

"Never Give Up. I say once more, "Never,Never Give Up!" " (Winston Churchill, 1939 - UK Prime Minister during World War II)

Best Regards,