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Risks Management : Prepare for a Better Career

Dear ACCA Candidates,

Results are around the corner. My best wishes on the results outcome. NEVER GIVE UP! If 160,000 ACCA Graduates can succeed, so can you! It all boils down to determination, discipline and above all HUNGRY for success. The stronger the hunger pang, the more it will move you to the path to success.

Best regards,
Marcus Ong : Specialist Mentor for Research project submission for Oxford Brookes (UK) University's BSc (Honours - [this is higher quality qualification than a basic degree] ) degree in Applied Accounting.

Venezuela : Hit by Oil Prices

Amid sky-high inflation, an absent president, snaking queues outside supermarkets, and plummeting oil prices, Henrique Capriles said this week that the time was ripe to try to force a change.
“We are in a state of emergency,” he said on Monday. “This is the time to mobilise in the streets.”
The call to protest was significant because Capriles, a state governor, disavowed last year’s violent protests demanding the resignation of Nicol├ís Maduro, Venezuela’s president. Instead, Capriles had advocated regime change through the ballot box.

But the situation on the ground has changed since then. Venezuela’s economy is estimated to have shrunk by 4% in 2014, with inflation hitting 64%. The price of oil, which accounts for more than 95% of Venezuela’s hard-currency income, continues to fall. According to the latest opinion poll, Maduro enjoys the support of just 22% of the population, and he has come under fire on social media and editorial pages for spending nearly two weeks outsi…