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Results are HERE! Its nervous time for everybody but in reality, its not a hurdle but stepping stone closer to ACCA success. Remember, finishing the race is the purpose and so don’t let temporary setbacks stop you. The keys to success are industriousness, perseverance and determination.

May you all have the BEST life, TRUE happiness and STEELY determination achieving your goals.

Best regards,
Marcus Ong
PS: Please read the comments below - evidences that "ordinary people" can succeed. I hope they will motivate you and encourage you NOT TO GIVE UP. Please don't - a good future that is beautiful and meaningful awaits you.


Dear Candidates,


1. Results are around the corner. Its mere historical news. While I hope for the BEST outcome, but we embrace hope with prudence.

2. The key to ACCA success is perseverence, determination and industriousness. I have seen many valiant candidates cried, frustrated and even 'bled' [figuratively speaking]. But they never take NO as an answer.

3. Today they all are successful Awesome Chartered (Cute) Accountants. So can you! Remember, we lecturers always have your future in mind and heart.

4. Fulfill your mission with "Balance with 1/3" :
- 1/3 time sleeping
- 1/3 time of day meals, classes, transport, brisk walking as exercise, family time (notice that there is no time for TV, cinemas, malls)
- 1/3 time of day MOST CRITICAL COMPONENT is 8 hours personal study

5. You are given the best support with BPP manuals, BPP Kits, lectures notes, progress tests and of course our encouragement and motivation in class.

6. A minority would have straight passes whi…

Why Malaysia will lose out (to Singapore)?

- related to Porter's research on the Competitive Advantage of Nations

-related to my letter to (Future Prime Minister, you can see cyrstal clear why Malaysia is losing its competitiveness to a tiny island? The only matter for all ACCA graduates is go where the 'cheese' is, in this case, its not hard to guess...

Excerpts interview with Senior Minister I, Lee Kuan Yew:

Singaporeans need not despair or be depressed. We will have to endure some hardship but nobody will be destitute, depending on soup kitchens or begging in the streets,” he said.
His words were largely directed at the younger generation, the ones who would be charged with taking the country forward. As daunting though current circumstances may appear, he said they could take heart from the experience of their predecessors.

He told them of the 1960s and 1970s, when there was only S$100 million (RM240 million) in reserves, the country faced separation from Malaysia and had to deal with “Konfrontasi” from Indonesia. I…

My Letter to the Prime Minister

(Applicable to ACCA Professional Level :P5 & P3 )

Dear Prime Minister,

I have read the progress of Malaysia with keen interests. After much research, I humbly propose the following as route to economic and very relatedly political recovery:

1. Asian economies are too export dependent for its economic growth. WIth USA & UK recessions, Taiwan had 43% fall in export in Dec 2008, Singapore -38%, China -18%, Korea over -50%, Malaysia also not spared with contraction of over -15%.

2. After a decade of overspending, US&UK consumers will need to rebuild savings mean that demand remain subdued. Asian economies cannot treat this as a cyclical recession anymore but a real permanent fall in demand.

3. Govt commendably have had stimulus package. The 'multiplier' effect on traditonal sector like construction is broad as it affects over 160 industries. Still, this is insufficient as consumers with low confidence likely to hold on spending.

4. Encourage consumers s…