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Being Beautiful is a Disadvantage

- Relevant to all ACCA Students awaiting results

Beauty - a limitation? 

We enjoy beautiful things in life. Be it starry skies, breathtaking waterfalls, awesome nature or gorgeous ladies. Well, the feminine gender can be appealing to the eyes, but there is a downside. In USA Iowa Court has ruled that it is legal for a male employer to fire a female employee simply because she looked too attractive. That's right! You read it correct. 
Reason is the gorgeous lady can be too distracting to male colleagues. Thus causing loss of work productivity. So, is this a disadvantage to our ACCA-undergraduate ladies? 

Who is Beautiful? This is a tricky question - How many of our students are beautiful (Compare Picture 01)? I am directing this question only to ladies, not guys! In my opinion, every lady is pleasant to the eyes, however Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder (in some cases Stalkers!).