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S$3,000 (RM6,983) Monthly Salary Sustainable?

relevant to hardworking ACCA candidates

Above pictures: Singapore. An Attraction?

Dear ACCA Candidates,

Yep, that's right. When you graduate from ACCA, RM6,983.00 per month pay is what you attract working in Singapore. That is without experience! But is it sustainable? Singapore has attracted more than 500,000 talents issuing them Permanent Residence. Now the locals are worried they were outnumbered, out-competed and outside the rapid Singapore economic growth. Thus the public dissent.

What a happy problem they have! Too many talents lead to further strong growth. Please refer to P3 (Business Analysis, ACCA) on Porter's Diamond Theory. There are every indication that the world's 9th richest economy will have stronger growth than even developing economies like BRIC Countries.

There are many Malaysian talents there, but they are invited to convert PR to Singapore citizenship, many declined as this means giving up Blue IC or Malaysian citizenship. Looks like Singapore is a pl…