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Heartiest Congratulations UK University Graduates!

- relevant to ambitious ACCA undergraduates

Heartiest Congratulations! 

SUCCESSFUL Degree Holders of UK University. I am glad that my students passed well. Even getting Grade B, 2nd Class Honours, while working full time and having to balance with family responsibilities. Amazing rare talents you all are.

How are Malaysian Universities fare in World Ranking?

7 Malaysian varsities make it into THE rankings

Pic 02: Substance (ranking) over form. UTP shocking low ranking.

Seven Malaysian universities have made it into the latest Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTM) and Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) have made the list for the first time, in the 601-800 and 801+ bands respectively.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) maintained their 2015 rankings (601-800 band).

However, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi Mara dropped in ranking from the 401-500 band in the 2015 rankings to the 601-800 band and from the 601-800 band last year to the 801+ band this year, respectively.

“Malaysia invests a huge amount in higher education and has marketed itself as a knowledge economy and innovation hub in recent years. However, the nation’s public universities have been hit by a 15 per cent budget cut this ye…

Corporate Governance at PLAY: BP shareholders reject chief Bob Dudley's £14m pay deal

- relevant to F8, P1 and P7 

Corporate Governance is a critical hot topic. See how the CHECK AND BALANCE against Executive Directors powers are at play - real life. 

BP shareholders reject chief Bob Dudley's £14m pay deal BP shareholders have rejected a pay package of almost £14m for chief executive Bob Dudley at the oil company's annual general meeting.
Just over 59% of investors rejected Mr Dudley's 20% increase, one of the largest rejections to date of a corporate pay deal in the UK.

The vote is non-binding on BP, but earlier, chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg promised to review future pay terms.

Mr Dudley received the rise despite BP's falling profits and job cuts.
Corporate governance adviser Manifest says the vote is at or above the fifth-largest in the UK against a boardroom remuneration deal.
'Last chance saloon' In his opening address to the shareholders' meeting, before the vote had been formally announced, Mr Svanberg acknowledged the strengt…

Top 10 Questions on Why do ACCA-Oxford Brookes Degree?

Dear Candidates,

Time and again, I am pleased to witness many Oxford Brookes Degree holders get ahead in their careers. Top Accounting Firms such as KPMG, Touche D, E&Y, PWC, Howarth, Baker Tilly and many more willingly accept ACCA-Oxford Brookes Degree Holders.

Not to forget the Private Sector where degree holders move to better pay and prospect using this degree.

However, there are many questions such as:

Q1: I am going to get my ACCA degree anyway, should I still pursue Oxford Br. Degree? 

There is a timing difference. You earn the degree now to get ahead in your promotion opportunities. If you are awaiting for ACCA Final results, using Oxford Br. degree to get in to top employers FIRST before other ACCA would be Affiliates.

Q2: What if my marks put in lower end degree class classification such as 3rd class or 2nd class lower?

PART 2 of 2: The Opposite of George - Can you? (see video)

- relevant to serious and "I must pass ACCA" type of students only. 


What are the opposites that you can do to achieve your ACCA success? 
See such scenarios: 
A] Instead of taking 60 minutes lunch, why not pack lunch and consume it in 15 minutes so that you have 45 minutes of study. In a 5day work week, you would have studied 3 hours and 45 minutes.

B] Stuck in jam from 7.30 am to 8.30 am. Do the opposite. Leave for work at 6.30am. Arrive at 7am. Stay in office and study for 1.5 hours until 8.30am. 

C] Do you leave office at 7 pm and get into a long traffic haul? Well, since you started work on time, leave at 5pm - on time. Reach College library at 5.30pm. Put in solid 2 hours. Then leave at 7.30pm for dinner with family or solo. 

Just the above you put in 3 hours 15 minutes of study time. Equivalent of sitting for 1 full exam paper allotted time. Amazing, isn't it? Not to mention the weekends of study time you can clock in.That will be another 16 hour…

PART 1 of 2: The Opposite of George - Can you?

- relevant to serious and "I must pass ACCA" type of students only. 

"I want to pass the exams", says many. Look at my friends in fancy office attire and thousands of dollars in salaries. I want to have that!

Well, that is easier said than done. Why? Because living in modern metropolitan society, there are many, many distractions. More than you imagine and handle. For instance, think of the dreaded time consuming "M" activities that are more of distractions.  That leads to the destruction of hope to pass ACCA. These "M" activities are not bad in themselves. But they have the place albeit a small place in your life.

What are the "M" activities? see below

 MALLS - walking aimlessly about


Now, I am not saying, you should lock yourself in a room and just study. No, that is unreasonable for I know many of you have career and family responsibilities.

But what if make wise use of your time. Whatever your he…