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URGENT: P1GRE June 2014 Target Questions & Answers

To my P1 GRE Candidates (Intensive Revision Class - Students) ,

"Be forewarned is to be forearmed."

This means to prepare for the topics that are likely to come out in exams.

I thought of adding value to your preparations and to optimise your exams success. I have sent via email the Target Questions with special emphasis on new type of questions. Never tested before questions!
The questions come with answers. I hope you spend an insanely amount of hours to practice on past years questions and my revision pack.

Wishing you ultimate success in ACCA exams,

Your dedicated lecturer,
Marcus Ong. 

Disclaimer of Liabilities: Over-reliance on the Target Q&A is both detrimental to your exams success and emotional well being. I always emphasise the need to prepare for entire syllabus with special emphasis on selected topics.

Top Tips from ACCA Medalists

Dear candidates, 

I have just completed a few Revision Classes. Really intensive and constructive. I appreciate that you all really, really did your best. Attending classes, work in office that comes with less understanding boss and family responsibilities either your own kids or taking care of parents-siblings. 
Well, I support you! I enjoyed working hard with you during the Intensive Revision classes. You were focused, yet not to seriously stressed. You were identifying the exam techniques and know that rote learning will not do. 
Enjoy the Video on TOP MEDALISTS sharing their experiences on how they succeed. Listen to it over and over again that will boost your motivation. 
All 3 top medalists are WOMEN. CONGRATULATIONS! I always respect individuals who value Hard Work.
Like I always assert in class, the fairer sex is more intelligent, disciplined and focused. Men? Well, the opposite - dark skinned sex, distracted and side-track tendencies. 
So, may we men learn from women. Be humble an…

Forensic Audit Interview with PWC on BFM

- Related to P7 AAA Candidates

Exam pressures are closing in. Nice to relax for a while. Heard a good practical interview with Director of Forensics Lead Alex Tan on approaches on survey related to Corporate Fraud. This is an international studies and as you have guessed right that Malaysia is ranked quite high on Fraud risks. As you can see many 'unresolved' scandals posted below. Note that the sources were taken from Government controlled press. Biased it would be in "protecting" its own leaders. But have a read and see if you can't help it but see glaring Corporate Governance failures, lack of accountability and opaque explanations.

To play the above mentioned interview, please go directly to link below:
PwC's 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey - The Malaysian Cut Sit back and enjoy this interview of about 30 minutes. It touches on Forensic strategies, ethical approaches in conducting it and Report Assurance Findings (also known as Negative Assurances…

Toughest Job that no Chartered Accountants want!

Hi ACCA Candidates,

Truly exciting prospects you have when you graduate. Of course, you will choose a career that is promising. Not one that works you 365 days a year!

Will you choose this job? Follow the interviews on the video below and tell me what you think. You may not be qualified for the job though, as it requires Finance Degree, Social Science with excellent inter-personal skills and not to forget culinary skills.

Happy studying and sharpening exams techniques.

Best regards,


Prizewinners from the June 2013 exam session hail from around the world. 
Discover their top exam and study tips. Perhaps their advice could help you.

Gold medal winner, 407 marks
Roshenka Madanayake, Sri Lanka
'My exam preparation tips include employing effective time management,
revising the entire syllabus and practising past exam questions.
If nothing else, practise as many past exam questions as you can.
They are a lifesaver as they provide some insight into what’s to come.

Silver medal winner, 393 marksAnitha Sudarsanam, Singapore
'To succeed in the exams, it is crucial that you are well prepared by covering the
entire syllabus and working through past exam papers. It is also important that you
read through ACCA’s exam resources, the examiner’s reports and technical articles,
especially when preparing for Professional level papers.

'It is vital that you answer the entire paper, all questions and all parts of the questions.
Time management is very important and if you get …