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UPDATED INFO: In July 2010, I have moved to Kasturi School of Accountancy in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Thank you for your support and working so hard together in order to achieve your graduation goal.

- relevant to Professional Students (ACCA) at Essential level

INFORMATION IS POWER. The following are classes that will be held in INTI Subang Jaya branch. The commencement date is 5th January, 2009.

Pic 01: Classroom and time table

Pic 02: Education begins at infancy. You are reaching the finish line - ACCA graduation

P1 (Porfessional Accountant) FULL TIME classes:
* Tuesday 2.00pm to 5.00pm (every week)
* Monday 2.00pm to 5.00pm (once every 2 weeks)

P1 (Professional Accountant) PART TIME classes:* Monday 6.30pm to 9.30pm (every week)
* Wednesday 6.30pm to 9.30pm ( once every 2 weeks)

P2 (Corporate Reporting) FULL TIME and PART TIME
* Thursday 6.30p.m to 9.30 pm (every week)
* Saturdays 9.45a.m to 12.45pm and 2.00p.m. to 5.00 p.m. (once every 2 weeks)

P3 (Business Analysis) FULL TIME class…


UPDATED INFO: In July 2010, I have moved to Kasturi School of Accountancy in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Thank you for your support and working so hard together in order to achieve your graduation goal. 

Pic 01: Hungry Lion looking for lunch

Story of relativity If you are with your friend strolling in a African savannah, and suddenly you are confronted with a hungry lion, what would you do? Well, don't run as fast as you can. But run a little faster than your friend.

Pic 02: Run a little faster.

Application: when you are applying for a job, no doubt you are competing with hundreds of ACCA graduates, how can you improve your chances? Well, be a little better, relatively speaking, by showing to prospective employers you have an ACCA qualification and a BSc. degree in Applied Accounting.

Pic 03: Move ahead armed with DOUBLE qualification!

Certainly its heartening to see encouraging response to the Oxford-Brookes University-ACCA mentoring enrolment. There are ACCA candidates who wasted no ti…


- Relevant to all P3 (ACCA) candidates
ACCOUNTING AND ORGANISATIONAL CULTURES – (Graham Morgan, 2008) Pic 01: Graham, why are you messing me up?
Pic 02: I have already studied well enough.

First and foremost, I personally feel that Graham Morgan has unnecessarily ruffled and mess up students brains, causing low confidence, by incorporating a mix-mashed article and still not tell you clearly what is his emphasis in relations to P3 exam applications. So to neutralize this unsettling feeling among my students, a systematic approach is outline with no new stuff inserted. You don’t need this in view of perilously close exam date.

The entire article is summarized to “parenting styles” in which Headquarters should be INVOLVED or DEVOLVED. In exams, I have consistently emphasise the usefulness of “Organisation Configurations”. So here is the answer structural plan:

Mass manufacturing of homogenous products (bottled water, generic drug making, assembling electronics products like…

P1 DEC 2008 Pitfalls Warning and Exam Tips

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: while it is good to focus on Hot Topics but to rely on them exclusively is both detrimental to your mental + emotional health & performance in exam.

Paper P1 ‘The Professional Accountant’ DECEMBER 2008 Exam Tips and Pitfalls Warning. Avoid David Campbell's traps.

- RELEVANT TO ALL P1 candidates
It is very important to correctly interpret the verb in the question and use that as the basis for their answers.
Question Type A: 0.5 mark per point
‘explain’ or ‘describe’ and the answer just contained (say) a list of points, few marks were awarded.

Question Type B: 1.0-1.5 marks per point
a higher level skill such as ‘evaluate’, ‘assess’,’ construct’ or ‘criticise’, answers that did not address the content at the level required were poorly rewarded.
Candidates must not ‘explain’ when they are meant to ‘construct’ or ‘criticise’, and they must not ‘identify’ when they are meant to ‘describe’.
ü Question . and identify from the case...
ü Question…

The Power of Focus - Habits Determine Your Future (Part 2)

- relevant to all who want progress in life. I recommend and encourage you to spread this information to your juniors and friends.

Pic 01 : Highest paid athlete in USA. Was he simply taking a random swing with the golf stick that puts him top of the game?
Pic 02 & Pic 03: Can you do the stunts above on first try? Take a week? a month? Hmmm... I think it takes a lifetime of good discipline and successful habits.
You will turn your negatives into positives by changing your habits now. Change takes an instant to occur and time to mature. Your change goes into effect the moment you choose to change. That very instant! But it will take some time to see your changes mature to where you can enjoy the fruit of your improvements. Your change will take time because developing success habits takes time.
Of course, with ongoing exams currently, you may say that its bit too late to change. While I agree with you but don't forget you need this quality to succeed in …