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Top 10 Questions on Why do ACCA-Oxford Brookes Degree?

Dear Candidates,

Time and again, I am pleased to witness many Oxford Brookes Degree holders get ahead in their careers. Top Accounting Firms such as KPMG, Touche D, E&Y, PWC, Howarth, Baker Tilly and many more willingly accept ACCA-Oxford Brookes Degree Holders.

Not to forget the Private Sector where degree holders move to better pay and prospect using this degree.

However, there are many questions such as:

Q1: I am going to get my ACCA degree anyway, should I still pursue Oxford Br. Degree? 

There is a timing difference. You earn the degree now to get ahead in your promotion opportunities. If you are awaiting for ACCA Final results, using Oxford Br. degree to get in to top employers FIRST before other ACCA would be Affiliates.

Q2: What if my marks put in lower end degree class classification such as 3rd class or 2nd class lower?