How to Choose Topic for Oxford Brookes Research & Application Project? (Video included)

Dear Candidates,

Time to move forward. Now is the time to enroll for University Oxford Br. Research in collaboration with ACCA. The submission date is final week of October.

I have amazing time working with your talented classmates. They are working full time, attending classes, family commitments and doing research Project with Oxford Brookes University. Such demands on time really bring the best out of a person. Your classmate, Penny Chang (Name is changed) earned FIRST CLASS HONOURS with GRADE A research Quality.

On choosing topics in Oxford Brookes, please refer to my today's email.

Please see a short 6 minutes video of Chief Moderator John Playe (see below video) . I have the pleasure of in depth discussion with him on what are the traps students must avoid. For example, how do you benchmark a firm that is a monopoly in the country, say  Nasional Electric Utility company? This is really tricky, there is no other rivals and yet the research boundaries require it!!

It is like…

What is Love? (Include Video)

Dear Working Professional- students.

Exam results are around the corner. That is something you can't change. The past.

Move on, whatever the results will be.

Here is a video that says that love is about sacrifice, not how I feel about you.

 Make sacrifices for your love ones and you will yield the results for many years to come.

Best regards,
Marcus - your always supportive lecturer.

New Links Loaded

Dear Candidates,

Many are confused between motion and progress. Best illustrated with a rocking horse.

Thus, to progress in forward motion, one must invest in intellectual knowledge and APPLY IT! Pointless for one to know that exercise coupled with nutrient supplements are essential to health but continues to be a couch potato (TV , Facebook addict). 

Please see hidden side bars, and note that ACCA Exams are always up to date with Financial and Corporate governance issues. Scandals on Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia or Occidental Petroleum are just a few mentioned and examined extensively as 50% case studies.

Thus, I have updated the financial links which include:

Financial Armegeddon news
Elite Finance Thinkers sponsored by George Soros (See pic below)

When bored, go to such links and update yourself with financial and business terms so that your answers sounds like one (even though you may not have the faintest idea) .

Avoid redundant activities include facing your book, crushi…

"It's the economy, stupid" (Bill Clinton, 1994)

- Neutral view on politics 
- Deep view on business networking

Dear Readers,

Ex-president of USA Bill Clinton has said the above caption. How did Malaysia's Prime Minister do in this regard? Well, he has been busy networking in business and obtain approved billions of investments including from China into the country. It works and resonates well with the people.

Are marriages happier when women control the money?

Disclaimer of Liabilities: Articles are uploaded in the spirit of humour and motivation. Please don't personalised it to extent that is detrimental to your mental health. But take to heart the lessons from the world around us and learn the good factors to improve our character. 

Dear Hardworking ACCA men,

The world is becoming complex. It was complex a long time ago where women rules the world in a certain society in India. Alert! Such practice can spread with the author Jo Piazza best selling book. Many parents or mothers might be thinking to let the women wear the pants, so to speak. 

To prove yourself as men useful, invest lots into your qualification and experience. Hone skills to add value to enterprise and ultimately your self. 

Please read and may this NOT HAPPEN to you. If it does, well Jo Piazza may have another sequel book.
Remember, to succeed one must be focused and disciplined. Exams are round the corner, minimise idle time but invest in contructive time sharperning Exa…



You all have proven that great talents you are!

To work Full Time and to earn a prestigious University Degree on part time basis is indeed a remarkable achievement.

What more, to earn FIRST CLASS and GRADE A for top quality dissertation research projects makes all proud of you.

Keep up the fine fight and NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER!


 - strongly related to P7 AAA and abtractly in F8 and P1, Examiner's FAVOURITE Topic

Over 20 years of lecturing and other ventures* [see footnote, please]. That is an exciting journey to help and support so many ACCA under-graduates to succeed.

Enjoy my classes, I always have. You may recall in my class about the Forensic Audit Investigation that the evidences compiled are so strong that they are admissable in court.

A dashing Handsome man courted a single mom of 2 kids. He is irresistible with a catchy contagious smile. To add to his swerveness, he is a Grand Prix racer and respectable middle class family background.

The woman fell heads over heels for such a dream man. But this is to her detriment - her 'accidental' death. A perfect murder as the dashing man stands to collect an insurance premium worth RM16.5 million at present value.

When a love story is too good to be true, it usually is.

See article below and enjoy the Forensic investigation evidences. Do you see the…